5 Fun Facts About The Colour Red Karen Haller

Hello colour lover! If there is one colour that we have come to associate with February it’s red. Here are 5 fun facts about the colour red to show you there is more to red than red roses on Valentine’s Day. 1. Red makes things appear closer than they really are Red has the longest…

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What's Your Colour Of Love This Valentine's Day Karen Haller

Hello colour lover! Did you know an estimated 224 million roses world-wide are grown for Valentine’s Day? That’s a lot of love going around. And it will probably come as no surprise that red is the most popular colour accounting for around 69% of roses sold in the US. If blue is the colour related…

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Karens Adventures In Colour For December 2019 Karen Haller The Little Book Of Colour

Hello and Happy New Year my fellow colour lovers.! This month I was in colourful Australia – talk about a land of many colours. A sellout Sydney book event, exhibition of two iconic Australian designers, my book making it onto a very special top 10 list, another great podcast and of course a colourful Christmas.…

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Image Of Pink Kalanchoe Flowers.

This post is in collaboration with Always Kalanchoe. To say that I love plants is an understatement. I guess it was always going to be in my blood given I have a Dutch mother and her love of pot plants, like her fellow countrymen knows no bounds. If there was space in our house it…

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Karens Adventures In Colour For June 0 2019 Karen Haller The Little Book Of Colour

I just love how colour shows up and this month is no exception. From the red carpet, history to modern laser lights, mother nature and foxy loxy. Here’s a skip through my colourful month for June… Theatre Red I just love going to the theatre. I do try to go once a month and if…

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