Dulux COTY 2024 sweet embrace

dulux coty 2024 sweet embrace title karen haller

This morning I was at the Dulux UK Colour of the Year launch in London and I wanted to give you the ‘hot off the press’ news what their colour of the year for 2024 is. I don’t normally talk about the colour of the year straight away as I like to give it a…

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Why it’s OK for boys to like pink too

little book of colour why its ok for boys to like pink too karen haller

Every few years we find ourselves confronted with the ‘boy wears pink’ headline and parents finding they are confronted with having in some way explain their son’s colour choice. This happened to UK TV presenter Emma Willis when she found herself on a daytime chat show a couple of years ago saying she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the…

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When a pink front door lands you in trouble

pink front door nz radio interview karen haller

Imagine one day deciding to paint your front door pink and then finding it’s landed you in hot water with your neigbours and local council? That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Edinburgh Scotland who has faced a lengthy battle over the colour of her front door and has now won permission to keep…

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On the Colour Couch with artist Ella Doran

little book of colour on the colour couch with print designer ella doran

I came across Ella by chance on Instagram when I saw her call out for waste paint. Over 18 months, she created a massive painting from the left over paint sent to her which you can see a section of behind her. When I got in contact with Ella, to my surprise she’s a teacher…

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How the colour pink got its name

how did the colour pink get its name the little book of colour

Have you ever seen a colour called light red? It even sounds weird doesn’t it. That’s because light red has its own colour name – pink. And pink is the most recent basic colour term to come into existence in the English language. How did pink get its name I love finding out how colour…

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Fiat says arrivederci to boring grey  

fiat says arrivederci to boring grey 1

Fiat has come up with a catchy name for their latest campaign – Operation no grey. In a world that seems to be obsessed with all things grey, they’ve made the bold move by announcing they’ve decided to stop producing their small car models in grey. Why, you may ask given grey is such a…

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Who ignited our love affair of pink?

who ignited our love affair of pink karen haller

Over the past decade or two there’s been quite a lot of pink bashing. I’ve always champion pink because I’ve felt it got an undeservedly bad rap. When journalists would call up and ask for my opinion and I’d say I’m pro pink, they would thank me for my time and kept searching for someone…

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Do you have colour in your wardrobe?

do you have colour in your wardrobe karen haller

Have you ever gazed at all the clothes in your wardrobe only to think “I’ve got nothing to wear?” This is the conversation I had with journalist Jessica Davis who interviewed me for the Harpers Bazaar article “The psychology behind wearing colour – and how to make it work for you.” One of the things…

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5 fun facts about the colour pink

5 Fun Facts About The Colour Pink Cloud Karen Haller

Hello colour lover! This month we’re going to be looking at some of the fun facts about the colour pink. Here I share my top 5 favourite facts about this wonderful hue! 1. How Pink got its name I just love learning how colours get their name and I especially love how pink got it’s…

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