Would You Pick a Colour called “puke”?

would you pick a colour called puke 1 karen haller

Have you ever bought a colour because you loved the name? Did it instantly transport you to a place, a time, a memory or simply because of how it made you feel? Fancy any from this 1574 colour chart? How about Ape’s Laugh, Merry Widow or Gooseturd Green? And if this chart is anything to…

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On the Colour Couch with CIDA winner Phoebe Lewis

little book of colour on the colour couch with phoebe lewis.

This year I had the honour of being a judge for the Colour in Design Awards (CIDA) UK and that’s where I got to hear about Phoebe Lewis. Phoebe entered the awards showcasing her natural pigments made from seaweed, showing not only the beautiful colours that could be created, but how she does this in…

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Let’s Celebrate – You Wear the Colour!

little book of colour you wear the colour karen haller

Oh my how time flies. I can’t believe The Little Book of Colour is 2 years old today!! And to celebrate I’m going to be posting up on Instagram each day this week a colour for us to explore together and I’ll also be giving away a signed copy (maybe two) of my book –…

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Times+ Online Colour Workshop

times colour workshop lucy gough karen haller

Have you seen an interior design scheme that you love but find it a bit overwhelming knowing where to start when it comes to your own home, particularly when it comes to using colour? And how you wanted to understand which colours are right for you, and which work together to help you transform your…

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Why Pink has become a lockdown favourite

why pink has become a lockdown favourite karen haller the little book of colour

If yesterday’s UK Sunday Times article ‘Tickled Pink’ is anything to go by, it would seem that this most cosy of hues has made it’s way into our hearts and our homes during the past 18 months of lockdowns. I’ve always championed pink as I felt it got an undeservedly bad rap, especially from the…

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What are your favourite moments of colour joy?

little book of colour moment of colour joy

Have you ever found yourself stopped in your tracks having come across a colour or a combination of colours that has instantly lifted your spirit, in that moment has filled your heart with joy and made you smile from the inside out! I’ve asked some of my many colour loving friends to share with you…

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On the Colour Couch with Stylist Lucy Gough

Little Book Of Colour On The Colour Couch With Lucy Gough

I was first introduced to fellow Australian Lucy Gough when stylist Emma Morton-Turner and founder of The Inside Stylists network recommended me as a guest lecturer for Lucy’s styling course at Central Saint Martin’s London. Since then we have become firm friends and featured as the colour expert on her wildly successful online styling courses.…

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Holi – Hindu Festival of Colours

little book of colour holi festival of colours karen haller

If there is one festival that celebrates colour, it’s Holi. It’s a Hindu religious festival lasting up to 16 days, where the main day is celebrated by people throwing powder and literally being covered from head to toe in a rainbow of colour. It certainly brings back many happy memories when I was lucky enough…

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Happy International Colour Day 2021!

little book of colour international colour day 2021 karen haller

Yesterday, the 20th March was the official first day of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and it was also International Day of Happiness – now if that’s not the perfect pairing… Today 21st March oh my, we have the trifecta – it’s only International Colour Day. Those are three joyful things to celebrate so I…

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Why it’s OK for boys to like pink too

little book of colour why its ok for boys to like pink too karen haller

Every few years we find ourselves confronted with the ‘boy wears pink’ headline and parents finding they are confronted with having in some way explain their sons colour choice. This happened recently to UK TV presenter Emma Willis when she found herself on a daytime chat show saying she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the reaction to her son,…

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