On the Colour Couch with Tara Rodrigues, Winner of Channel 4’s The Big Interiors Battle

little book of colour on the colour couch with tara rodrigues winner of channel 4s the big interiors battle 2023

If you watched last year’s The Big Interiors Battle on Channel 4 you’ll no doubt recognise Tara Rodrigues who won the series with her colourful designs. Earlier this year I met Tara at a YesColours event and here she is sharing her love of colour.

What does colour mean to you?

To me colour is how I celebrate my cultural roots as well as expression of self. I am of Indian and Caribbean heritage, so colour played a key part of my childhood. Going to carnival in Grenada and seeing all the bright costumes created a real positive association with colour. I also loved seeing how colour is used not only in clothing, but within Goan houses and how this differed to Grenada.

I rely on colour daily, to express myself through my wardrobe choices, jewellery and accessories but also in my home to create the environment I want! 

Do you have a favourite colour or a colour that you find yourself constantly drawn to? And why?

Pink and orange are my happy colours! Light pink is quite a soothing, nurturing colour and orange is a fun, playful colour which I find uplifting. I love using these as accent colours in my home and if I need an instant mood lift a pink or orange top is my go-to.

I also find myself very drawn to emerald or deep forest green but for very different reasons, I find these colours restorative and recharging in a restful way.

What do you love most about working with colour?

I find the impact of colour on mood, functionality, and productivity absolutely fascinating. I often work from home, so I often choose a co-working space purely based on the colours, which really helps me focus and inspires more creative ideas.

I also think it is fun to use colour to create different moods at home. I have pops of orange and pink and yellow in my accessories which I find really fun and instantly lift my mood.  

What do you think your life would be like without colour?

Miserable! I have a strong emotional connection to earth tones such as greens, browns, terracotta and pink! Without colour to inject positivity or fun, I imagine my mood would be quite flat and my home would feel extremely bland! I feel like colour plays a key role in my daily life, in the way I dress, the way I work and how I relax.

Were you ever afraid or wary of colour? And what did you do to overcome this?

No, I’ve always been a lover of colour. Over the years I’ve learnt how to use it more intentionally and work with a wider range of palettes and tones.

Do you have a favourite colourful place that you visit (or have visited)?  

The Painted Library at The Royal Naval College, Greenwich London is one of my favourite places to visit. I adore the way colour was used during the Baroque period to create such elegance, contrast, and drama. This design by Sir James Thornhill epitomises the enchanting use of colour and intricate detail categorised by this period.  

For anyone afraid of colour what would your number 1 piece of advice be?

Start with something small first like a scarf, jewellery, or a vase. Once you have observed the impact of finding your optimal colours, I think you will naturally be more adventurous with your wardrobe and interiors. 

Colour definitely has a deep connection in Tara’s life and it’s wonderful to see she has embraced this not only in her everyday life but in her work. I have to admit I’d never heard of the The Painted Library. It’s now on my list of places to visit!

If you would like to visited The Painted Library at Greenwich, London which Tara mentioned, then head over here to find out more.

And if you would like to discover more about Tara Rodrigues, head over to her Instagram @tararodriguesinteriors.

Wishing you a colourful day,

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