5 Reasons to fall in love with Spring

This Is An Image Of A Tree Full Of Pink Blossom.

Growing up in Sydney, Australia, my idea of seasons was something akin to warm, warmer and scorching hot! Since living in the UK, I’ve been able to experience the change in seasons which I just love. To watch mother nature waking up from her winter slumber and bursting back into colourful spring life – it’s…

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Give the gift of colour from Flying Flowers

Give The Gift Of Colour From Flying Flowers Cheerful Smile Karen Haller

Hello colour lover! Did you find yourself gravitating towards a certain colour or colours during ‘lockdown’ earlier this year? I noticed I was always gravitating towards yellow. I was wearing my yellow t-shirt a lot and when I did my weekly shop, I’d always buy a bunch of flowers and the colour I would always…

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Karen’s Adventures In Colour For May

Karens Adventures In Colour For May Karen Haller

Hello colour lovers! How are you doing with another month of staying at home? I have been appreciating nature and all her beauty even more. She has been quenching my thirst for colour along with the colourful wonders of Instagram. They have been my source of inspiration for my colour adventures for May… Let’s Stay…

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The Little Book Of Colour Book Free Chapter2


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