Why red robins are associated with Christmas

why red robins are associated with christmas the little book of colour

If you live in the UK chances are you’ve come across a red robin when gardening, out in the park or walking in the woods. Here’s the one I have in my garden. This cheeky chap is always near me when I’m out gardening, probably to see if he can catch a worm or two.…

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Why Halloween turns orange

the origins of orange for halloween pumpkin decorations

If there’s one colour that lets you know it’s Halloween, it has to be orange! And no other country goes all out for Halloween than the US. Orange is everywhere. From carved pumpkins to pumpkin pie to spiced pumpkin lattes to orange frosted biscuits to party decorations. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s the fancy…

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Fiat says arrivederci to boring grey  

fiat says arrivederci to boring grey 1

Fiat has come up with a catchy name for their latest campaign – Operation no grey. In a world that seems to be obsessed with all things grey, they’ve made the bold move by announcing they’ve decided to stop producing their small car models in grey. Why, you may ask given grey is such a…

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What are your favourite moments of colour joy?

little book of colour moment of colour joy

Have you ever found yourself stopped in your tracks having come across a colour or a combination of colours that has instantly lifted your spirit, in that moment filled your heart with joy and made you smile from the inside out?! I’ve asked some of my many colour loving friends to share with you their…

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On the Colour Couch with graphic designer Gabor Estefan

little book of colour on the colour couch with graphic designer gabor estefan

It will come as no surprise that I follow lots of colourful people on Instagram. Someone who I’ve followed for years and even used some of his images in my own Instagram feed is the very creative photographer and graphic designer, Gabor Estefan, famous for his very colourful Notting Hill townhouse images. As a fan…

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On the Colour Couch with Wayne Perrey, The TV Carpenter

little book of colour on the colour couch with the tv carpenter wayne perrey

Last year I got to ‘meet’ Wayne Perrey, The TV carpenter (you might know him from UK makeover shows including, BBC “The Great Interior Design Challenge”, “Interior Design Masters”, Garden rescue” and ITV “Love Your Garden”), when he invited me onto his podcast, The TV Carpenter. We had a such a great time that I’ve…

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How to use colour to make your home a happy one

Image Of Pink Kalanchoe Flowers.

This post is in collaboration with Always Kalanchoe. To say that I love plants is an understatement. I guess it was always going to be in my blood given I have a Dutch mother and her love of pot plants, like her fellow countrymen knows no bounds. If there was space in our house it…

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Karen’s Adventures In Colour For June

Karens Adventures In Colour For June 0 2019 Karen Haller The Little Book Of Colour

I just love how colour shows up and this month is no exception. From the red carpet, history to modern laser lights, mother nature and foxy loxy. Here’s a skip through my colourful month for June… Theatre Red I just love going to the theatre. I do try to go once a month and if…

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