5 fun facts about the colour red

5 Fun Facts About The Colour Red Karen Haller

Hello colour lover!

If there is one colour that we have come to associate with February it’s red. Here are 5 fun facts about the colour red to show you there is more to red than red roses on Valentine’s Day.

1. Red makes things appear closer than they really are

5 Fun Facts About The Colour Red Stop Sign Karen Haller

Red has the longest wavelength and, even though it isn’t the most visible colour, it has the appearance of being nearer than it actually is, attracting our focus – saying ‘pay attention’.

There’s nothing shy or retiring about red, that’s for sure! This makes red the ideal colour for traffic lights, stop signs, postboxes, warning signs. Anything you want to be noticed, and the same goes for human beings.

2. Red doesn’t make Bulls angry

5 Fun Facts About The Colour Red Bulls Cant See Red Karen Haller

We’ve seen the images of the matador waving their red flag. We were led to believe the colour red was to make the bull angry. The thing is, they can’t see red.

3. Colour in culture red

5 Fun Facts About The Colour Red Culture Karen Haller

It’s fascinating how red can have such difference significance depending on the country. This is known as colour in culture or colour symbolism.

For example, In the West, red is synonymous with passion and lust, and so we see a lot of red cards, flowers and gifts for sale around St Valentine’s Day.

In China, it symbolizes long life and good luck, prosperity and good fortune, and is the colour traditionally worn by brides. It is the colour of the Chinese New Year, when people put money in red envelopes as gifts.

4. Red animals that are actually Orange

5 Fun Facts About The Colour Red Squirrel Karen Haller

Have you noticed the robin red breast, red squirrel and red fox aren’t actually red but orange coloured?  This was because the word for orange was first used in (recorded) in 1512, long after our furry friends were named.  Interestingly we didn’t see any need to change their name – would we get used to robin orange breast, orange squirrel and orange fox?

5. The psychology of red

5 Fun Facts About The Colour Red Psychology Karen Haller

Colour is an amazing phenomenon that has the ability to change how we think, feel and react in an instant.

The colour red with it’s vibrant, dynamic energy affects us on a physical level.

It’s colour that raises the pulse rate, getting us excited, motivated, we can get a sense that we are stronger, having more drive and stamina. When it comes to love it relates to passion, desire and yes, lust. We can also feel frustrated, angry and overwhelmed.

It’s quite a powerful colour. Often just a little is enough.

What’s your relationship with red? Do you surround yourself with it, avoid it or take it in small doses?

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Red lanterns Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash
Matador Photo by Giovanni Calia on Unsplash
Squirrel Photo by MusicFox Fx on Unsplash
Stop sign Photo by Branden Tate on Unsplash
Red paint in water image via Shutterstock

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