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The world is filled with colourful adventures, and here is the place I’ll be sharing them with you. Join me as we talk to colourful people, explore current colour crushes, and travel to colourful places! Got a colourful story you’d like to share? drop me a line and tell me about it.

What's Your Colour Of Love This Valentine's Day Karen Haller

What’s your Colour of Love this Valentine’s Day?

Hello colour lover! Did you know an estimated 224 million roses world-wide are grown for Valentine's Day with ...
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why red is the must have colour for celebrating chinese new year karen haller

Why Red is the must have Colour for Celebrating Chinese New Year

If there is one culture that uses colour symbolism really well, that would be the Chinese community. They ...
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How To Not Get Caught Up In The Monday Blues Karen Haller 2

How to not get caught up in the ‘Monday Blues’

My guess is you've heard today is 'Blue Monday'. Apparently this started back in 2005 when UK TV ...
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top 5 colourful blogs for 2023

Top 5 colourful blogs for 2023

Hello colour lover! Happy New Year! 2023 has drawn to a close so I thought I'd take a ...
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why red robins are associated with christmas the little book of colour

Why red robins are associated with Christmas

If you live in the UK chances are you've come across a red robin when gardening, out in ...
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little book of colour on the colour couch with textile designer kaffe fassett mbe

On the Colour Couch with Textile Designer Kaffe Fassett MBE

Kaffe Fassett MBE is a world-renowned textiles designer who has dedicated over 50 years of his life to ...
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christmas gift list 2023 banner the little book of colour

Colour Christmas gift list 2023 supporting small businesses

Hello colour lover! Welcome to my yearly vibrant Christmas Gift guide, showcasing a curated collection of handmade, artisanal, ...
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5 reasons to fall in love with autumn 0

5 Reasons to fall in love with Autumn

Something I didn't get growing up in Sydney, Australia were the traditional seasons. Our autumn was still warm ...
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the origins of orange for halloween pumpkin decorations

Why Halloween turns orange

If there’s one colour that lets you know it’s Halloween, it has to be orange! And no other ...
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