5 Reasons to fall in love with Spring

This is an image of a tree full of pink blossom.

Growing up in Sydney, Australia, my idea of seasons was something akin to warm, warmer and scorching hot!

Since living in the UK, I’ve been able to experience the change in seasons which I just love. To watch mother nature waking up from her winter slumber and bursting back into colourful spring life – it’s a joyful experience that never ceases to amaze me.

Here I share my top 5 favourite reasons why I love springtime!

1. Light, light and more light

The wonderful thing about spring is coming out of the darkness and into the light! I love cosying up during winter but boy it’s a great feeling to have light. If you’re like me, natural light is really important. It’s essential. I don’t suffer from SAD but I know I thrive when I’m in natural daylight. In my home I just love having natural light flooding in.

It’s also the time of year when we experience the spring equinox when we transition from the dark into the light. So from here on in, the evenings get lighter and lighter.

This image is of a field and blue sky.
Early spring frosty mornings are certainly invigorating!

2. Mother nature wakes up from her slumber

Spring is definitely the time for new growth and new beginnings. Think about it, mother nature has just spent the past three or four months in deep hibernation, deep asleep and then comes spring and she’s suddenly wide awake!

There is definitely a tigger like energy – full of bounce, joy and glee. I’m sure we would all feel that way if we have just been asleep for months! But whilst we think she has been sleeping above ground, underneath she has been busy waiting for the first signs of warmth and sunshine to spring forth! I love that spring is called spring because that’s exactly what she does – springs into life!

This image shows pink flower buds against a blue sky
Early Springtime you’ll often see the flower buds dusted with frost.

3. Flowers galore

The wonderful new shoots of foliage, bulbs pushing through the earth, flowers everywhere. I’m always on the look out for the first signs of spring with the sighting of snowdrops.

This is an image of Snowdrops.
You know spring is coming when you spot your first snowdrops.

4. Baby animals

And of course we can’t forget our animal friends. How cute is the sight of the sweetest baby animals jumping and springing around full of boundless energy.

This image shows two baby lambs.
Spring is the time we see the cutest baby animals playing and having so much fun!

5. The Colours of Spring!

Mother nature has created a colour palette for spring that summons up its happy, joyful, fun nature.

The colours are light, soft and clear. Some colour names that describe spring’s energy are buttercup, sky blue, daffodil yellow, baby pink, watermelon red and lilac.

This is an image of a tree full of pink blossom.
Spotted this stunning pink blossom on my recent trip visiting family and friends in Switzerland. And it looks like our friend, busy bee also loves the blossoms.
This images shows hundreds of crocuses.
Such a delight to be greeted with this carpet of crocuses on my morning walks.

This image shows close up of Bluebells.
Walking along the river bank and seeing a sea of bluebells was such an unexpected joy!

For me the colour that represents spring has to be yellow – with its bright cheery “hello I’m back, did you miss me?” kind of yellow! And the flower that says this has to be the daffodil. I just can’t get enough of these happy, ‘lift the soul’ feeling I get when I see them.

This image shows yellow daffodils.
If there was a colour that says ‘spring’ it has to be the yellow!

This is an image of a florist with an array of colourful flowers.
Need a colourful flower fix? then head down to your nearest florist or flower market.

Is spring your favourite time of year? What do you love most about spring?

If you would like to see my other colourful stories and musings then pop over to Instagram where you’ll find me at @karen_haller_colour.

Wishing you a colourful day!

All images my own except for the Baby lamb image which is by photographer Tim Marshall

Extracts from The Little Book of Colour.

Originally published 3rd May 2019. Updated 6th April 2024.

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