The Colour Club

An online community to reignite your colour mojo and glow in the confidence of who you truly are.

Welcome to the Colour Club - an online community for colour lovers around the world who want to reignite their colour mojo and experience the life changing and transformational power of colour.

We live in a world filled to the brim with colour and when you know how to use it purposefully, you get access to a magical tool that can boost your mood, enhance your relationships, turn your home into a haven, help you feel more comfortable in your own skin and, not least of all, feel more joy through colour.

So if you’re someone who is looking to discover how to use colour in your everyday, and how to feel more comfortable - and confident - using, choosing, wearing and surrounding yourself with colour, then you’ll feel right at home here.

And the beauty of this supportive membership community is it will meet you where you are right now. Embracing colour is a personal journey, and one you take at your own pace, so you’ll be supported to take it as slow or as fast as you like.

So if right now you:

  • Feel overwhelmed by all the colour choices available

  • Are unsure of your own design style

  • Stick with ‘neutrals’ and rare splashes of colour because you’re afraid of getting it ‘wrong’

  • Often get home from shopping and wonder why you bought what you did

  • Want more colour in your life but you just don’t know where to start

  • Feel confused by trends and want the courage to follow your own path

  • Want to decorate your home to please yourself, rather than to please your visitors

Then you’re in good company - these are some of the common challenges people share with me when we start working together.

But as you begin to really get to know how you feel about colour and how you respond to it, which is what The Colour Club is all about, you will transform your relationship with it.

Instead of feeling confusion and overwhelm, you’ll feel empowered to use colour as a positive influence in all areas of your life!

And when that happens some of the things you can look forward to include:

  • Looking in your wardrobe and knowing everything you own flatters you and is the true, authentic expression of you

  • The joy of confidently choosing clothes and furnishings in the colour palette and design style that’s perfect for you

  • Expressing who you are and how you want to feel through colour

But there’s an even bigger picture here. Because colour, as you will discover, is your very own pair of ruby red slippers – it will help you find your way home to yourself.

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Join me inside The Colour Club and you will:

  • Fall back in love with colour again and enjoy playing with it because you know you can’t ‘get it wrong’

  • Rediscover who you truly are through colour and how to use it to express yourself in a way that feels natural, nourishing and like you’ve found your way home (just like Dorothy!)

  • Enjoy so many more moments of joy, fun andhappiness - because when you infuse your life with more colour you can’t help but experience these more and more!

The Colour Club is where you’ll get all the inspiration, information and guidance you need to fully embrace colour and to confidently use it in every area of your life.

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What’s Inside The Colour Club?

Inside this fun and supportive online community, you’ll discover how you can express the essence of you through colour and your design style. And this is how we go about it:

Wellbeing Focus

A monthly focus to support your colour journey.

Colour Spotlight

Each month we’ll dive deep into one colour and how you can use it in your life.

Colour & Design Q&A

On a monthly live call we’ll dive into further training and commons questions on the monthly theme.

Colour Clinic

Monthly drop-in session to get your colour conundrum or colour niggle answered.

Wellbeing Support

Tips and hints from special guests to give you wellbeing boosts.

Colour Community

Connect and share your love of colour with people all over the world.

Colour Resources

Where you’ll find fun activities & challenges, colour workbooks and much more…

Exclusive Discounts

You’ll have priority access and discounts to all my LIVE events and courses.

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Through membership of The Colour Club you will:

  • Reconnect to your authentic personality and design style

  • Discover how to use colour to boost your confidence, feel happier and increase your wellbeing

  • Become your own personal stylist, choosing the perfect colours and design style for you to wear in any situation

  • Embrace your inner interior decorator, confident in creating a home that reflects your personality and your family members

  • You will be part of a community of people like you who want to explore and experience the magical world of colour

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Want to know when the club doors open?

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Want to know when the club doors open?

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  • Wellbeing focus

    From confidence to self-care to the inner you, our monthly themes will support you to explore more deeply our relationship to colour, how to use colour in your every day and express yourself more fully through colour.

  • Wellbeing Support

    From learning how to celebrate and appreciate to how to handle stress and overwhelm I’ll be bringing in experts to support you along your journey.

  • Colour Spotlight

    Each month we’ll shine the spotlight on a colour and explore your relationship to it and how to use it. This bit is fun as we get to learn more about colour and how they relate to us in our lives and how you can use colour to make your world a better, happier more joyful place.

  • Colour Community

    You’ll be part of a supportive online community where you can share your love of colour, feel inspired and celebrate each other’s progress.

  • Colour & Design Q&As

    Once a month we’ll do a live deep dive and work through your common questions. This is the place for you to bring your challenges and for us to share insights and help you understand on an even greater level how colour can support you.

  • Colourful Resources

    You’ll have access to a huge amount of resources including fun activities, colour workbooks, meditations, colour challenges and quizzes and so much more that I’m only sharing within this community.

  • Colour Clinic

    The Colour Clinic will be open once a month I’ll be in the Facebook group to answer your colour questions to make sure you keep moving forward in your colour journey. The Colour Clinic opens will be open once a month to get your colour conundrums answered.

  • Exclusive Discounts

    You’ll be the first to hear about live workshops, in person events, masterclasses and new courses. And as a Colour Club member you’ll receive discounts and priority tickets.  

What this club is:

  • A safe space to explore your relationship with colour

  • A place of self-discovery as colour ultimately helps you learn more about yourself!

  • An opportunity to truly reconnect with the joy you had in colour as a kid (oh the fun we will have!)

  • A place for you to play and have fun with how you use colour

  • A chance to grow your confidence in your own individual style

  • And be supported to courageously express the real you, whether in clothes or the home

  • And to share your discoveries, insights, challenges with your fellow colour lovers, Karen and her Colourful Crew.

What it isn’t:

  • Somewhere you have to ‘get it right’

  • Or have any prior ‘knowledge’ about colour

  • Trying to shoehorn a colour into your life just because it’s on trend

  • A one size fits all solution. You are unique and will be supported to find your own unique way in using colour and design

All you need is a willingness to give things a go, an openness to learning new things and a desire to go on your own colour journey.

Are you an Industry Professional?

If you are an industry professional and want to find out more about using colour in your work, then my courses for colour and design professionals are what you are looking for over at

But if you’re someone who wants to fall in love with colour again and rediscover the power it can give YOU to transform your life, then I can’t wait to welcome you into The Colour Club.

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Want to know when the club doors open?

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Want to know when the club doors open?

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Hi, I'm Karen...

Karen Haller Photo

I’m Karen Haller and through more than 20 years of experience studying colour and practising as an applied colour psychology practitioner with global businesses and organisations I understand just how powerful the influence of colour is to every aspect of our being.

But I’m also an innate colour lover too. I can still vividly remember a time in kindergarten when I was sitting in front of pots of paint and crayons and being beyond excited because I had all of these colours to play with. My biggest challenge was deciding which colours to use first!

From that moment I was hooked - and ever since it's felt like I've had colour in my veins.

From that magical moment I’ve been fascinated by colour and over the past 20+ years I’ve been learning all about colourand I have come to understand WHY it's so magical and powerful.

Along my journey I’ve worked with many leading global brands like such as Dulux AkzoNobel, Dove and Fiat. I’m a guest lecturer at BUCKS University and University Arts London - London College of Fashion and Chelsea College of Arts, and created the Colour Diploma course for the International School of Colour and Design, Australia.

And this year finally I’ve poured my heart, soul and love of colour and experience into The Little Book of Colour– How to Use the Psychology of Colour to Transform Your Lifepublished by Penguin Life, which will be translated into 12 languages over the next 18 months. 

For the longest time over my colour journey I’ve been on a mission to start a colour revolution and put this powerful tool into the hands of people just like you. And now, with The Colour Club, my biggest wish is that you grasp colour with both hands and use it to rediscover who you are, to truly express yourself and to bring joy, fun and happiness into every moment of your life.

Here’s what I really want you to get about colour. When you wear colour and surround yourself in your home with colours that resonate with who you truly are on the inside it transforms your experience of life. When you wear colours that reflect your true essence it supports how you feel, how you want to feel and how you will be seen in the world. It makes you feel vibrant, connected and confident and there is nothing more beautiful than a woman comfortable in her own skin and colour help you feel that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to read the book before joining the membership?

You don’t have to read the book, however a lot of the discussions will be a follow on from the information provided in the book so it will definitely support your colour journey. But I will reference the chapters to read based on what we’re working through each month so you can read it as we go!

How is the membership different to the book?

The membership is all about diving deeper. It will support you to really take the information and apply it in your life. And it will provide access to extra help and support from Karen and the wellbeing support specialists she brings in, as well as connecting you to a global community of fellow colour lovers to share the journey.

What if bright colours aren’t my thing?

I love this question! The entire ethos I share is about using colour to show up authentically - for some that’s the brightest of brights and others the subtlest of muted tones. It’s about what colours work best for you and reflect your authentic self, that’s what we’re aiming for, not putting you in the brightest colours we can 🙂

What if I don’t use Facebook?

You don’t need to be on Facebook to access the content that is shared in the membership, but if you want to hang out with your fellow colour lovers that’s where we’ll be hanging out…

I’ve done the quiz to discover my personal colour palette, but I’m not sure I’ve got it right – will you confirm it inside the club?

When I do one to one personal colour consultations they take three hours so I won’t be able to do this individually in the group as I need to be in front of you and to be in the same light but you can rest assured that as you go through the activities together you’ll become clearer and clearer on who you are, your personality and therefore your colour palette. Like I share in the book it took me a while to accept my colour palette and it might be the same for you. The membership can help you getting clarity on this.

If you would like to have a personal colour consultation from Karen then all you need to do is email Karen at

What if I join The Colour Club and I realise it’s not for me?

If you do join and find The Colour Club is not quite for you then you can cancel your membership at any time inside your Account. But before you cancel if there is something we can change within the membership to serve you better then I would really love to hear about it so that we can try and solve it for you so that you can stay part of this wonderful community. 

If you have purchased a monthly membership you can cancel with your account and you won’t be charged for the following month. If you have bought a yearly membership – if you are within the first month get in touch with us so we can cancel. If you are outside the first month you won’t be able to cancel until your renewal date.

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Want to know when the club doors open?

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Want to know when the club doors open?

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