Happy International Colour Day

international colour day karen haller the little book of colour

This is one of my favourite times of the year. Yesterday (20th March) marks the official first day of spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and it was also the International Day of Happiness. And if that doesn’t put a big smile on your face, today 21st March, oh my, we have the trifecta – it’s…

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When a pink front door lands you in trouble

pink front door nz radio interview karen haller

Imagine one day deciding to paint your front door pink and then finding it’s landed you in hot water with your neigbours and local council? That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Edinburgh Scotland who has faced a lengthy battle over the colour of her front door and has now won permission to keep…

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Fiat says arrivederci to boring grey  

fiat says arrivederci to boring grey 1

Fiat has come up with a catchy name for their latest campaign – Operation no grey. In a world that seems to be obsessed with all things grey, they’ve made the bold move by announcing they’ve decided to stop producing their small car models in grey. Why, you may ask given grey is such a…

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Pantone Viva Magenta. Is it red or pink?

what do we think about pantones viva magenta

Are we influenced by the colour name we read or the colour we see? When I met with my publishers about my book, one of the team pulled out a swatch of colour to discuss. We all saw a different colour. I saw a light aqua green. One saw it as a light blue, and…

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Happy Colourful International Podcast Day!

international podcast day 2022

Hello colour lover! I recently discovered that Friday 30th September is International Podcast Day which is today! So to celebrate I thought I’d share with you my most popular podcast interviews focusing naturally, on the fascinating world of colour. So take a scroll down and see which of this colourful selection piques your interest. Settle…

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Why Pink has become a lockdown favourite

why pink has become a lockdown favourite karen haller the little book of colour

If yesterday’s UK Sunday Times article ‘Tickled Pink’ is anything to go by, it would seem that this most cosy of hues has made it’s way into our hearts and our homes during the past 18 months of lockdowns. I’ve always championed pink as I felt it got an undeservedly bad rap, especially from the…

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Happy International Colour Day 2021!

little book of colour international colour day 2021 karen haller

Yesterday, the 20th March was the official first day of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and it was also International Day of Happiness – now if that’s not the perfect pairing… Today 21st March oh my, we have the trifecta – it’s only International Colour Day. Those are three joyful things to celebrate so I…

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