Are you a colouring in convert?

Colouring In Karen Haller

Do you remember a few years back when we found ourselves in the mist of a colouring in craze? It seemed like in every café people were colouring in whilst sipping their cappuccinos. It was if the world had been swept up in this phenomenon. I remember many years ago when I was still living…

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5 Reasons to fall in love with Spring

This Is An Image Of A Tree Full Of Pink Blossom.

Growing up in Sydney, Australia, my idea of seasons was something akin to warm, warmer and scorching hot! Since living in the UK, I’ve been able to experience the change in seasons which I just love. To watch mother nature waking up from her winter slumber and bursting back into colourful spring life – it’s…

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Would You Pick a Colour called “puke”?

would you pick a colour called puke 1 karen haller

Have you ever bought a colour because you loved the name? Did it instantly transport you to a place, a time, a memory or simply because of how it made you feel? Fancy any from this 1574 colour chart? How about Ape’s Laugh, Merry Widow or Gooseturd Green? And if this chart is anything to…

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What’s your Colour of Love this Valentine’s Day?

What's Your Colour Of Love This Valentine's Day Karen Haller

Hello colour lover! Did you know an estimated 224 million roses world-wide are grown for Valentine’s Day with 198 million in the US alone[1]? That’s a lot of love going around. And it will probably come as no surprise that red is the most popular colour accounting for around 72% of roses sold in the…

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What are your favourite moments of colour joy?

little book of colour moment of colour joy

Have you ever found yourself stopped in your tracks having come across a colour or a combination of colours that has instantly lifted your spirit, in that moment filled your heart with joy and made you smile from the inside out?! I’ve asked some of my many colour loving friends to share with you their…

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On the Colour Couch with colour consultant Emily Harnasz

little book of colour on the colour couch with colour lover emily harnasz

Unbeknownst to me Emily bought my book back in 2020 during lockdown and she told me later it was the catalyst to giving her the confidence she needed to follow her passion into colour consultancy. It was wonderful to hear Emily’s story because I love hearing how people embrace their love of colour. Now, over…

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How to not get caught up in the ‘Monday Blues’

How To Not Get Caught Up In The Monday Blues Karen Haller 2

My guess is you’ve heard today is ‘Blue Monday’. Apparently this started back in 2005 when UK TV channel Sky Travel enlisted the help of Dr. Cliff Arnall to create a ‘formula’ to find the most depressing day of the year – of all the things eh?! Dr. Cliff Arnall calculated factors such as Christmas holiday withdrawals, debt,…

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Top 5 colourful blogs for 2022

top 5 colourful blogs for 2022

Hello colour lover! 2022 is drawing to a close so I thought I’d take a peek at which blogs were the most read this year. So here are the top five blogs loved by you. Going from 5 to 1, they are… Number 5. 5 fun facts about the colour green We discover why this…

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Pantone Viva Magenta. Is it red or pink?

what do we think about pantones viva magenta

Are we influenced by the colour name we read or the colour we see? When I met with my publishers about my book, one of the team pulled out a swatch of colour to discuss. We all saw a different colour. I saw a light aqua green. One saw it as a light blue, and…

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