How to not get caught up in the ‘Monday Blues’

How To Not Get Caught Up In The Monday Blues Karen Haller 1

My guess is you’ve heard today is Blue Monday. Apparently this started back in 2005 where UK TV channel Sky Travel enlisted the help of Dr. Cliff Arnall to create a ‘formula‘ to find the most depressing day of the year. He calculated factors such as Christmas holiday withdrawals, debt, low motivational levels, poor weather etc and concluded that the third Monday in January is that day and since then it’s been known as ‘Blue Monday’.

You may absolutely agree with this, see it as a bit of fun or as nothing more than a marketing ploy – as it seems this ‘formula’ was designed to find out when people booked their holidays with the assumption they were more likely to do this when they were feeling the blues.

What’s more likely to be happening is feeling down during the long, cold, dark winter months. Mother nature is hibinating and the skies are grey. It’s easy to feel low, lose energy and motivation. This feeling isn’t just one day but throughout the many winter months.

How To Not Get Caught Up In The Monday Blues Karen Haller 2

Bring colour into your day to beat the winter blues

Bringing colour into your day is a great way to beat the winter blues. Just because it’s grey and dark outside doesn’t mean you can’t dress in colours that help boost your confidence, lift your mood and feel happier.

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5 top tips for picking your winter blues busting colours

  1. Pick colours that lift your spirits!
    You will notice there are many variations for each colour so wear the tone that resonates with you and expresses your authentic personality.
  2.  Aim to have a balanced palette of colours to wear. 
    Having a full spectrum of colours that resonate with you means no matter how you are feeling there will be a colour to support how you are feeling or want to feel.
  3. Notice the colour/s missing from your wardrobe.
    Perhaps they are the colours you don’t like.  There may be a reason why you’re rejecting them.
  4. Notice the colours you’re consistently drawn to.
    If there is a colour that you are finding yourself consistently drawn to, there may be a reason why you need the support it’s giving you. 
  5. Explore the fascinating world of colour!
    We don’t live in a black & white world so don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and different colour combinations. Above all enjoy and have fun!
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Below I’ve included a selection of colours showing just a few of their positive psychological effects, so no matter how you are feeling you know there is a colour that will support you? You may choose to wear colours to stay with that feeling, or ones to support positive change. Colour will support the positive outcome you’re looking for.

Soft Pink – Nurtured and loved (avoid magenta)
Yellow – Optimism, confidence and self-esteem
Green – Peaceful, and relaxed (avoid lime green)
Light Blue – Calming the mind and reflective
Dark Blue – Focused
Brown – Grounding support
Red – Physically energised (just a dash is often enough)
Violet – Self-reflection and spiritual awareness
Orange – Fun, playful and joy

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