Top 5 colourful blogs for 2023

top 5 colourful blogs for 2023

Hello colour lover!

Happy New Year!

2023 has drawn to a close so I thought I’d take a peek at which were the most read blogs for 2023. Here are the top five blogs loved by you.

Going from 5 to 1, they are…

Number 5. When a pink front door lands you in trouble

pink front door nz radio interview karen haller

Imagine one day deciding to paint your front door pink and then finding it’s landed you in hot water with your neigbours and local council?

That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Edinburgh Scotland who has faced a lengthy battle over the colour of her front door.

To find out what happened head over here.

Number 4. On the Colour Couch with fashion and textile designer Dame Zandra Rhodes

little book of colour on the colour couch with founder and designer dame zandra rhodes

If the name Zandra Rhodes may sound familiar to you, it’s because she has been a well-known name for many decades. Zandra emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s as part of the “Swinging London” fashion scene, which challenged traditional fashion norms.  

It was an absolute honour to be able to chat to her about her love of colour and her iconic pink hair.

To read the interview in full head over here.

Number 3. How the colour pink got its name

how did the colour pink get its name the little book of colour

Have you ever seen a colour called light red? It even sounds weird doesn’t it.

That’s because light red has its own colour name – pink. And pink is the most recent basic colour term to come into existence in the English language.

To find out what lies behind the colour pink head over here.

Number 2. 5 fun facts about the colour blue

5 Fun Facts About The Colour Blue 1

We look at the world’s favourite colour and why it is the rarest in nature. The cultural significance of blue for one town where every building is blue, as well as the psychology behind this hue.

To find out about this and more head over here.

Number 1. Colour Christmas gift list 2023 supporting small businesses

christmas gift list 2023 banner the little book of colour

I just love that the colourful gift list made it into top spot once again. It shows our love for supporting small businesses who are really the lifeline of the world’s economy. And we love to purchase unique, artisan gifts for ourselves and our loved ones.

To find out about head over here.

Wishing you a colourful day!

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