What are your favourite moments of colour joy?

little book of colour moment of colour joy

Have you ever found yourself stopped in your tracks having come across a colour or a combination of colours that has instantly lifted your spirit, in that moment filled your heart with joy and made you smile from the inside out?!

I’ve asked some of my many colour loving friends to share with you their favourite moment of colour joy and I share mine too – I snuck in two! You can see the joy that colour brings can come from anywhere, anytime.

And on those days that we might find a bit tough going, a moment of joyous colour awaits for us to soak up and saviour. So let’s check out these moments of colour joy, maybe yours is the same…

Fiona Mosytn, founder My Deco Marketing
little book of colour moment of colour joy fiona mostyn

“My moments of colour joy are found in flowers. I’m constantly taking pictures of flowers. I take them whilst walking past houses, garden centres and places I visit like national trust properties. There’s hundreds of them on my iphone camera roll. The pictures that give me the most pleasure are the ones from my own garden which are a little reminder to nurture those plants throughout the year so they can have their moment of colourful glory when the time comes. I love the soft shades of these David Austin roses from my garden. The peach colour is  Wollerton Old Hall and the pink is Wisley 2008.”
You can follow Fiona over on Instagram @fiona.mostyn.

Manoj Malde Garden Designer
little book of colour moment of colour joy manoj malde

“This is a photo of my garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2017. It lifts my spirits every time I see it. The sense of achievement to have created this garden inspired by the work of Luis Barragan. But the journey also made me realise that my sense of colour come through my Indian heritage and also growing up as a child in Kenya. Pinks and Oranges worked together are such a rich Indian combo.”
You can follow Manoj over on Instagram @Manoj_malde.

Emma Merry, founder Home Milk
little book of colour moment of colour joy emma merry

“I was very chuffed with the results of my hand painted kitchen. The thought of painting it was a bit intimidating at first, but I found I really enjoyed the experience, it was very therapeutic watching each layer of colour build up. There’s a cheekiness to the colour, it feels playful and is a joy to be around.”
You can follow Emma over on Instagram @homemilk.

Chrissy Red, Red Punk Social
little book of colour moment of colour joy chrissy red

“My most joyous colour moments have been within the colour explosion of Brighton Pride in the UK. From beneath the billowing coloured flags of the parade to sparkling in gold and rainbow sequins in the sunshine, or being drenched in the coloured lights of the dance tents, I literally bath in all of its glorious colours. As a long-standing ally, I’ve always felt utterly accepted and my heart will forever beat strongly for this event.”
You can follow Chrissy over on Instagram @redpunksocial.

Marianne Shillingford, Senior Creative Director Dulux UK, Ireland & South Africa
little book of colour moment of colour joy marianne shillingford

“It’s an enduring one that I return to whenever possible. The transitional place in the palette between blue and green where the sky and sea meet. Sometimes it offers us crisp calming clarity and at others a blended haze where one pours invisibly into the other. However it presents itself come rain or shine… I just want to dive in.”
You can follow Marianne over on Instagram @m_shillingford.

Emma Bestley, founder of Move Over Magnolia
little book of colour moment of colour joy em move over magnolia

Hello, I’m Em and I’m a green addict. My moment of colour joy would be anything that involves green. I wake up to an emerald green bedroom wall and after 5 years, it still feels rejuvenating and uplifting. 7 out of the 9 rooms in the house have a different hue of green in them. I get my energy from green and long may that last!”
You can follow Em over on Instagram @moveovermagnolia.

Anna & Annie, founders of AB Design and Interiors
little book of colour moment of colour joy ab design interiors

“More often than not our colour moment of joy comes from nature, a huge source of inspiration, particularly the rich green that is found after a torrential downpour. This picture was taken on our daily dog walk. The natural world at its best.”
You can follow Anna & Annie over on Instagram @abdesignandinteriors.

Karen Haller Behavioural Colour & Design Psychology
little book of colour moment of colour joy karen haller ocean

I’m sneaking in two moments of colour joy. The first one is “my love of the ocean. My love of waves goes back to my childhood spending most weekends at the beach. I love the blue sky and the blue of the ocean. This picture was taken when I came out of two weeks of hotel quarantine in Sydney February 2021. The first thing I did was jump in the ocean, with my clothes still on!”

little book of colour moment of colour joy karen haller marigolds

And my second moment of joy… this has to be “my beloved orange marigold calendula. They always bring a smile to my face whenever I see them. I especially love seeing them in unexpected places. This picture was taken when I was visiting a friend in Folkestone on the Kent coast, UK, early March 2020. We were walking along the cliff walk and there they were, ‘looking up and smiling’ in between the rocks.”

I would love to know what colour moments bring you joy and make you heart sing and bring a smile. It can been something that is a fleeting moment like my marigolds, an experience like Chrissy’s or a passion project like Manoj and Emma and everything in between! Pop your colour moment in the comments below or if you’re on Instagram copy me in using @Karen_Haller_Colour using the hashtag #colourjoy and I’ll check it out and leave a comment.

You can also check out my colour joy Instagram post here.

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Wishing you a colourful day!

Originally published June 2021. Updated February 2023


  1. Alba Hastings on February 8, 2023 at 12:32 am

    Aboriginal Fabric Gallery, Alice Springs newsletter in my mailbox, always brings a smile to my face even on the dreariest of days. Alas, I lack the expertise to share the imagery which is bright and bold and nurturing. However, the strongest sense of colour is experienced through the eyes of this indigenous culture and their instinctive ability to connect to their surroundings. I’m hoping this link will share the glory…

    • Karen Haller on February 11, 2023 at 5:36 pm

      Hi Alba,

      Thanks for sharing the video. I remember my trip to Alice Springs and Uluru and seeing the amazing colours and artwork. I can see why this brings you joy.


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