Colour Stories

The world is filled with colourful adventures, and here is the place I’ll be sharing them with you. Join me as we talk to colourful people, explore current colour crushes, and travel to colourful places! Got a colourful story you’d like to share? drop me a line and tell me about it.

little book of colour why its ok for boys to like pink too karen haller

Why it’s OK for boys to like pink too

Every few years we find ourselves confronted with the 'boy wears pink' headline and parents finding they are confronted ...
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Little Book Of Colour On The Colour Couch With Chrissy Red

On the Colour Couch with Chrissy Red

Chrissy and I first met when she was facilitating the 'Colour in Architecture Award' for WAN AWARDS back ...
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Christmas Gift List 2020 Supporting Small Businesses Karen Haller

Christmas gift list supporting small businesses

Hello colour lover! If you are looking for handmade, handcrafted or unique colourful gifts to give this Christmas ...
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Give The Gift Of Colour From Flying Flowers Cheerful Smile Karen Haller

Give the gift of colour from Flying Flowers

Hello colour lover! Did you find yourself gravitating towards a certain colour or colours during ‘lockdown’ earlier this ...
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Moving Summit 2020 Color Psychology In The Home Karen Haller

Moving Summit – 25 Home Experts share their Top Tips

Hello colour lover! Have you recently moved home or about to move? I wanted to let you know ...
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Top Drawer Top 20 Colour Picks Karen Haller Banner Image

Top Drawer London 2020 – My Top Colour Picks

Hello colour lover! One of the great delights of my work, is being able to be a panellist, ...
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5 Fun Facts About The Colour Purple Karen Haller

5 fun facts about the colour purple

Hello colour lover! This month we’re going to be looking at some fun facts about the colour purple. ...
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Little Book Of Colour On The Colour Couch With Anna Proctor

On the Colour Couch with artist Anna Proctor

Anna and I met a few years ago at one of the Decorcafe network events held at Assael ...
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5 Of My Favourite Colourful Instagram Feeds

5 of my favourite colourful Instagram feeds

Hello colour lover! I thought I'd share my favourite colourful Instagram feeds with you. Then I realised it ...
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