Colour Stories


It’s a pleasure to have you join me on this colourful journey. Together we’ll discover a world of colour stories and colour spotting through adventures, travels and everyday life. We’ll be looking at the latest colour crushes, and just about anything that excites us!  If you have a colourful story you’d love to share, just drop me a line to discuss x

Are you a colouring in convert?

Remember back a few years when we found ourselves in the mist of a colouring in craze. It seemed like in every cafe people were colouring in whilst sipping their cappuccinos - the world had been swept up in this phenomenon. I remember many years ago when I was still...

Announcing The Little Book of Colour

Have you ever had to keep something a secret yet bursting to let everyone know? This has been me for the past year, but I can now finally share with you that I’ve busy writing my first book! I’m really excited to announce that after a decade of working in the business...