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Hello colour lover!

Welcome to my yearly vibrant Christmas Gift guide, showcasing a curated collection of handmade, artisanal, and one-of-a-kind colourful gifts from around our colourful world.

I put a call out to my Instagram followers, inviting them to be part of my colourful Christmas gift list, and once again, the response was incredible.

Why do I do this? The reason is simple. It’s to champion small, emerging independent artists and craftspeople from across the globe, providing them with visibility and a broader audience. Small businesses and art and crafts play a crucial role in fostering creativity, preserving traditions, and bolstering local economies, making it all the more essential to support them.

The good news is their products are available all year round, so if you have a birthday, anniversary, need a thank you gift, or maybe even to treat yourself you can always pop back here.

Check out the colourful creatives from around the world…

Australia – Red Punk Social

christmas gift list 2023 red punk social the little book of colour

Location: Australia, Sunshine Coast
Product/s description: Born from a rebellion against normality, Red Punk Social champions acceptance, and celebrates the power of difference. These punk-style tees are a call to open discussions on neurodiversity, foster understanding, and push for change. Upcoming new t-shirt releases will have a dedicated punk tee within each series designed to support neurodiverse game-changers. All profits from the specific design will go to support their causes.

Ideal customer: If you are diagnosed or identify as neurodiverse, or are an ally of this community, these punk tees are designed to celebrate individuality and resilience.
Purchase over at:
IG handle: @redpunksocial

Australia – Kirana Haag

christmas gift list 2023 kirana haag the little book of colour

Location: Australia, Sydney
Product/s description: I paint mainly large, abstract and colourful artworks. I use mixed media and paint on raw linen. I create feelings with my artworks, a visual response to a moment in time. I fill my artworks with of light and hope, something I feel we need in this world. Each work has its own story to tell. 

Ideal customer: People who love expressing themselves by creating a vibrant and original home or work place. 
Purchase over at:
IG handle: @kiranahaag

Bahrain – Sound of Color

christmas gift list 2023 sound of color the little book of colour

Location: Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama
Product/s description: As an artist, I love to express my art through colors. My brand Sound of color merges, sound i.e. music with color. Through my work I want the viewer to ‘hear’ the art, and not only ‘see’ it. I use recycled wood as my canvas, so not only does my work look beautiful, but is also eco-friendly.

Ideal customer: Anyone who loves art and music.
Purchase over at: hussainalnoaimiart IG page
IG handle: @hussainalnoaimiart

Cyprus – Colour Your Dream

christmas gift list 2023 colour your dream the little book of colour

Location: Cyrpus, Paphos
Product/s description: I create artwork inspired by energy and vibration where colours and shapes reflect on positive feelings and emotions, but also to connect with nature and to heal and empower using mandala art, origami and chakra painting. I love to inspire people and enrich spaces with dancing lines and colours.

Ideal customer: Anyone who is inspired by energy and colours and loves unique symbols and sacred shapes to enhance their life and space.
Purchase over at: or
IG handle: @monicacilmi

England – Annie Morris Embroidery

christmas gift list 2023 annie morris the little book of colour

Location: England, Devon
Product/s description: Annie Morris is an embroidery brand based in Devon UK, run by a husband and wife team: Nick and Annie Morris. Inspired by their stunning surrounding coast and countryside, Annie has designed well over 100 elegant floral and coastal embroidery panels and kits. The boxed kits include sophisticated colour palettes and everything you need, making them truly wonderful gifts.

Ideal customer: Our ideal customers are both male and female, but mainly females aged 30 to 75 (but we have got an amazingly loyal customer who is 101 and has completed about 20 of our kits!) Beginners to advanced stitchers, crafters and anyone interested in doing something mindful!
Purchase over at:, or
IG handle:

England – Isobella Rae

christmas gift list 2023 isobella rae the little book of colour

Location: England, Manchester
Product/s description: Coupling creative inspiration from adventures and the skills acquired during studies, Isobella sews fabrics with striking colours and soft textures to create cushions with luxurious materials and exciting nature-inspired prints. Isobella’s latest launch includes fine bone china pottery, featuring digital illustrations. Each piece is decorated and fired in the historic kilns of Isobella’s hometown, the heart of the potteries, Stoke-on-Trent. 

Ideal customer: Nature lovers, colour connoisseurs and fabric fanatics looking to add a touch of individuality to the home. 
Purchase over at:
IG handle: @isobella.rae

England – Fiona Wilson Prints

christmas gift list 2023 fiona wilson prints the little book of colour

Location: England, Leek
Product/s description: You can buy a wide range of colorful and pattern-filled products from me! I specialise in creating artwork for the home, including hand-crafted pieces made using screen printing and wood. And if you’re looking for stationery gifts that stand out, my collection includes beautifully designed notebooks and greeting cards decorated with quirky characters, and bold patterns.

Ideal customer: My ideal customer leads a vibrant and creative lifestyle, always seeking to add a touch of colour and pattern to their everyday experiences. They appreciate the beauty of art and design and the fun in playful products, and find joy in surrounding themselves with visually appealing and colourful products and decor. My customers embrace their unique sense of style and are not afraid to express themselves through the colourful and patterned products they choose.
Purchase over at:
IG handle: @fionawilsonprints

England – Sue Woodger Art

christmas gift list 2023 sue woodger art the little book of colour

Location: England, Surrey
Product/s description: I create vibrant and original artwork from cut paper. I am fascinated by colour, shadow and movement and mostly turn to nature for my inspiration. I cut and paint thousands of paper butterflies, fish and birds to create dynamic and colourful pieces that are perfect as a gift or to bring joy to your home. 

Ideal customer: Anyone with an appreciation for colour, nature and dynamic art.
Purchase over at:
IG handle: @suewoodgerart

England – The Copper Fruit

christmas gift list 2023 the copper fruit the little book of colour

Location: England, Surrey
Product/s description: An award-winning family business offering African inspired, home, gift and stationery. We have also created a small community of artisans across Africa from whom we buy fairly. Sustainable items are our focus: notebooks, gift wrap (paper and reusable), mugs, table decor and woven baskets. A percentage of our quarterly profits are split between chosen community projects in the UK and Ghana.

Ideal customer: Anyone who values sustainability in gifting. Understands and actively seeks ethical, eco friendly options in daily life too.
Purchase by emailing:
IG handle: @thecopperfruit

Estonia – Quaternion Creations

christmas gift list 2023 quaternion creations the little book of colour

Location: Estonia, Tallinn
Product/s description: I create magical and fairytale-inspired cross stitch patterns that immerse stitchers in the world of fantasy and wonder. I draw inspiration from the world of myth and folktales: sometimes from well-known ones, and sometimes from obscure and weird stories from different corners of the world – like the story of the frog that carries the world on its back. My designs often feature intricate floral motifs and celebrate the strength of goddesses and powerful female figures.

Ideal customer: A dreamer seeking to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of cross-stitch art. They find joy in creating something with their own hands and are captivated by tales of myth and folklore.
Purchase over at:
IG handle: @quaternioncreations

France – Chaddesley

christmas gift list 2023 chaddesley the little book of colour

Location: France, Lyon
Product/s description: We make bright, elegant and colorful accessories for men and women: earrings, cufflinks and rings. Each piece is hand painted, so each piece is completely unique. All of our earring backs are 24k gold for sensitive ears. We deliver throughout Europe but will soon be delivering worldwide. Please feel free to email us for any specific requests.

Ideal customer: Because detail is everything, we design our accessories for anybody who whishes to add a touch of light, true elegance and sophistication to their life. Uniqueness, stunning colors and exclusive models are our promises. Discover a world of elegance and light.
Purchase over at:
IG handle:

Germany – Klara Schneider Art

christmas gift list 2023 klara schneider art the little book of colour

Location: Germany, Kaiserslautern
Product/s description: I am passionate about creating original paintings inspired by nature, its colours, textures and materials. With my paintings I want to bring nature inside to help us relax after a strenuous day and keep its beauty in mind. Discover pieces that deal with the mountains, the sea, the seasons or raw natural elements such as coffee grounds and powders.

Ideal customer: Homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts who want to feel connected to nature in their own homes and like to decorate with original art. 
Purchase over at:
IG handle: @kls9002art

Hungary – Suel Knitwear

christmas gift list 2023 suel knitwear the little book of colour

Location: Hungary, Budapest
Product/s description: We are a Budapest-based family business with 34 years of experience in crafting high-quality knitwear. Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures unique designs and top-notch quality. We handle both design and production in-house. While our roots are in vibrant knitwear, we’re also known for supporting women’s rights through renowned projects aimed at empowering women in our local community.

Ideal customer: If you are looking for a brand that celebrates vibrant colours, conscious knitwear, and a bohemian sense of style, look no further. As a mother-daughter duo deeply passionate about bold shades, we go beyond creating knitwear – we curate sustainable events, such as pre-loved and upcycled knits fairs, and build a colourful community through local activations for women. We adore and showcase women of all archetypes who embrace the real power of vibrant shades, and our knitwear is a reflection of this collective spirit. Join us in weaving a tapestry of conscious fashion and vibrant living.
Purchase over at: (Hungarian) or (English)
IG handle: @suelknitwear

Ireland – Liadain Aiken Knitwear

christmas gift list 2023 liadain aiken the little book of colour

Location: Ireland, West Cork
Product/s description: I love creating warm colourful knitwear that helps you celebrate your unique self.  You can use the Pick & Knit tool to choose the colours that will make your heart sing and wear a piece of clothing that shines with your personality. We make unisex accessories and clothing in merino wool.  Made with love in Ireland. Cherish for Life. 

Ideal customer: I started with a desire to create sustainable, ethical & functional  garments that leave a happy footprint on our earth. Then to create a community of people that wish to invest in their wardrobe choices with consciousness and care. I love how our customers recognise each other around the world and make connections through their colourful hats and jumpers, stopping to share stories of where they are from! I feel that colour can be a universal symbol of love, a beautiful way to connect and what better way to spread this than by warm wool knitwear. 
Purchase over at:
IG handle: @liadainaikenknitwear

Northern Ireland – Colour and Cloth

christmas gift list 2023 colour and cloth the little book of colour

Location: Northern Ireland, Belfast
Product/s description: The JOY of SEWING RETREAT: Escape to a tranquil sewing retreat that weaves empowerment and confidence into every stitch. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, we will slow down and discover the art of creating with colourful textured fabric, and master new sewing techniques and design unique pieces. Connect with like-minded individuals, share stories and leave with a tapestry of new found skill and self-assuredness.

Ideal customer:  My ideal customer is someone who wears clothes… and that makes everyone my ideal customer! They want to dress in clothes that make them look good! That gives such a great confidence kick that ups the dopamine!
Purchase over at:
IG handle: @colourandcloth_ltd

Scotland – The Colour Dasher

christmas gift list 2023 the colour dasher the little book of colour[25]

Location: Scotland, Edinburgh
Product/s description: I’m a colourful crocheter who is passionate about bringing the mindful and wellbeing benefits of crochet to everyone. I design and sell a range of beginner friendly crochet kits (with video tutorials) as well as running crochet workshops and courses. These classes run regularly in Edinburgh and online, and are all about self care time with crochet!

Ideal customer:  Anyone looking to take some time for themselves whilst being creative and learning to crochet.
Purchase over at:
IG handle: @the_colour_dasher

USA – Pattern Gems

christmas gift list 2023 pattern gems the little book of colour

Location: USA, El Paso
Product/s description: Pattern Gems is a women’s leather jewelry line. It is made with the finest leather remnants and craftsmanship. Each piece is designed to be both stylish and comfortable, and we offer a wide variety of styles to choose from. Each piece is designed to be a small work of art,  paying attention to detail and accentuating any outfit.

Ideal customer: Pattern Gems is ideal for the creative woman, the one who is interested in fashion, travel, art and music. She is fun, outgoing, definitely confident and stylish. She is in the lookout for unique and stylish jewelry that reflects her vibrant personality and style. She finds the perfect solution to this by wearing Pattern Gems. The jewelry is stylish and unique, as well as fun, easy to wear, and handcrafted form high-quality leather remnants, but best of all reflects her personal style.
Purchase over at:
IG handle: @patterngems

This is a great small selection. If you would like to see everyone who wanted to be featured then check out my post over on Instagram.

Wishing you a colourful day!

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Image courtesy from each talented artist, creative and maker featured here.

PLEASE NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with any of these businesses. You enter into any transactions with the suppliers at your own risk and I shall have no liability in relations to those transactions whatsoever.

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