Karen’s Adventures In Colour For May

Karens Adventures In Colour For May Karen Haller

Hello colour lovers!

How are you doing with another month of staying at home? I have been appreciating nature and all her beauty even more. She has been quenching my thirst for colour along with the colourful wonders of Instagram. They have been my source of inspiration for my colour adventures for May…

Karens Adventures In Colour For May Orange And Yellow Flowers Karen Haller
More colourful flowers on my weekly shopping trip. Very grateful for this small but wonderful pleasure and a lovely way to be able to bring the colour in.
Karens Adventures In Colour For April Orange And Yellow Rose Karen Haller
My next door neighbour’s roses came out in full bloom. With my favourite orange, pink and yellow mix. Just love this combination together.
Karens Adventures In Colour For May Forget Me Nots Karen Haller
For the month of May The National Trust in the UK ran their #nomowmay challenge to encourage more wildlife and bees into the garden. These sweet Forget-Me-Nots popped up along with other colourful flowering beauties. No mow May may just extend into no mow June 😊🐝🌞
Karens Adventures In Colour For May Ladybug Karen Haller
One of life’s simple pleasures for me is to be able to dry my washing in the sunshine. I was delighted to find one of my favourite animals, a ladybird “popping in for a visit”. This one was extra special as it’s a British seven spot ladybird.
Karens Adventures In Colour For May Colourful Socks Karen Haller
With clothing stores still closed I popped up to the Tesco clothes department at my local superstore and saw these colourful socks in my spring colours – they went straight into my shopping basket!
Karens Adventures In Colour For May Pink Grapefruit Karen Haller
Another way I’ve been getting colour into my day is freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice. Love the refreshing goodness!
Karens Adventures In Colour For May Wisteria Karen Haller
Cascading purple along the fence.
Karens Adventures In Colour For May Orange Car @gaborestefan Karen Haller
I love Instagram for the happiness and joy that I find there. One of my favourite accounts is @gaborestefan. Oh the sheer delight I felt when I saw this image, just oozing happiness.

Let’s Stay in Touch

So that’s a colourful wrap for May. You may have noticed you’re wanting to have more of a certain colour in your life right now – for me that’s been sunshine yellow. I’m hoping that sometime in June the restrictions will be eased – fingers crossed.

Thank you for joining me this month and I look forward to seeing you again for June’s colour filled issue where I share with you some more ways I’m are bringing the colour in.

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Wishing you a colourful day!

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