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Hello colour lover!

I’m back with my 5 favourite colourful Instagram account series, and this time I’m sharing with you my top 5 that are bursting full of colourful joy, that make me smile every time I see them pop up on my feed.

Today I am delighted to share with you the very colourful Kim Hall, Martha Roberts, Caroline South, Erin Summer and Garbor Estefan. It might be that you’re already following some of them.

Kim Hall – whimsical dreamer

5favourite colourful instagram feeds joyful runner kim hall

As Kim puts it, “If you are a dreamer, come in”.

Kim has a way of taking the every day and turning them into something wonderfully playful. It’s absolutely the place where you can lose yourself in the whimsy of her playful imagination.

You can check out Kim’s playful feed over at @runnerkimhall.

Martha Roberts – colour storyteller

5favourite colourful instagram feeds joyful the colour file

Martha Robert’s Instagram feed is full of the most wonderful stories of her life and colourful finds which she describes vividly and are often deeply personal. Being a gifted colourful storyteller comes naturally, given she’s a self confessed colour addict and an award-winning journalist. Martha is also the author of Shelfie.

You can check out Martha’s colourful stories over at @the_colour_file. And you can also read Martha’s interview over on The Colour Couch.

Caroline South – colourful collections

5favourite colourful instagram feeds joyful caroline south

Whilst Caroline’s feed is beginning incorporate images from decorating her home, it’s the posts where she curates little collections of her colourful finds from her beach cleaning trips and arranging the every day items into colourful works of art that I love. Check out how creative she gets with palettes of makeup.

You can check out Caroline’s colourful collections over at @caroline_south.

Erin Summer – colourful humour

5favourite colourful instagram feeds joyful erin summer

I love Erin’s feed for her sense of playful humour. As she says she believes a “sense of wonder are good for the soul and essential for our wellbeing.” Her aim is to “capture your imagination and connect with your inner child in thoughtful, inspiring and uplifting ways that always leave you with a smile on your face.” And of course, colourful!

You can check out Erin’s colourful humour over at @erinsummer.

Garbor Estefan – colourful digital creator

5favourite colourful instagram feeds joyful gabor estefan

Gabor is a digital creator and a master at manipulating images and packing in as much colour as possible. Sometimes it’s soft and subtle and other times it’s full tilt and others that are that colourful in real life as they are from my old neck of the woods, Notting Hill.

To see more of Gabor’s colourful world, head over at @gaborestefan.

I hope you enjoy this colourful collection. Was there one you particularly loved? If you have a favourite colourful Instagram account I would love to hear from you. Just drop me a comment below with the Instagram handle so I can check it out.

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And you can also find me over on Instagram sharing colourful insights, stories and inspiration.

Wishing you a colourful day!

Image sources: Kim Hall, Martha Roberts, Caroline South, Erin Summer, Garbor Estefan

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