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I remember receiving an email from Becca back in early 2020 asking if I would like to give a talk on the power of colour at the London Festival of Architecture as she had read my book. Sadly that didn’t happen due to lockdown, however it did start a lovely Instagram friendship. You would never think that Becca was once wary of colour. She shares how that’s now changed.

What does colour mean to you?

Colour plays a more prominent role in our lives than you may think. Colours can influence our moods, emotions and behaviour. They can even be used as a source of information i.e. red means stop! 

What do you think your life would be like without colour? 

Without colour, everything would be pretty unexciting. The feeling would be equivalent to living in a black and white film.

Were you ever afraid or wary of colour? And what did you do to overcome this?

I was completely wary. I haven’t always had colour in my life. Throughout my teens and early twenties, I lacked confidence and hid in dark clothes. I still have days like this today but popping on a yellow jumper or a pink pair of trousers does wonders for my mood! This has spread to my interiors as well – which I know isn’t to everyone’s taste but makes me happy.

Do you have a favourite colour place that you visit (or have visited)?

I’m very lucky to live in Kent in the United Kingdom. Most seaside towns in Kent are going through a period of regeneration and it’s so lovely to see local seaside towns like Folkestone and Margate embrace colour through artworks, independent shops, heritage sites and murals.

As a previous Folkestone native, this would be my top pick for a colourful place to visit. Enjoy a day out in the rejuvenated town – full of vibrant streets, quirky artworks, a bustling Harbour Arm and a fabulous Creative Quarter and Old High Street. It’s only a 55-minute journey on the high-speed train from London St Pancras.

For anyone afraid of colour what would your number 1 piece of advice be?

Learn to let go of your colour fear and find more joy. Bright, vivid colours really do give us more energy – regardless of whether you’re incorporating them into your interiors, clothing or travels. 

I’m with Becca on her recommendation to go visit Folkestone – it’s my favourite colourful seaside town in Kent. And pop over and check out Becca’s Instagram account @beccaaaacollier. You would never think she was once completely wary of colour. And the most wonderful thing, she fills her home with colours she loves, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it’s what makes her happy. That’s colour confidence!

Wishing you a colourful day,

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