Karen’s Adventures In Colour For March

Karens Adventures In Colour For March Karen Haller

Hello colour lovers!

I think March will be remember as the month, especially here in the UK, that our world as we know it was turned upside down. I hope that you are OK and safe.

This month really does feel like a month of two halves. The first I was out exploring and the second half in self retreat which is a much kinder term than self isolation don’t you feel. So come with me as I take you through my colourful month for March…

Karens Adventures In Colour For March Bbc Studio Karen Haller
BBC Wood Lane London | I was lucky enough to get a ticket to be in the audience for the taping of the BBC1 quiz show QI. This is probably one of my favourite shows where host Sandi Toksvig and her guests always have me in stitches laughing. Being in the audience you get to see everything that doesn’t make the final edit – sometimes they are the funniest bits, but just a bit too risque for family viewing. You’re not allowed to take any photos during the recording otherwise risk being turfed out so here’s a picture of one of the very colour facades of the BBC Television studio.
Karens Adventures In Colour For March Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House 2020 Karen Haller
Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House 2020 | What an amazing day I had visiting the homes and studios of many colourful artists so much so that I forgot to take photos!
I did snap this very colourful front door and festive bunting.
Karens Adventures In Colour For March Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House 2020 Anna Jacobs Karen Haller
Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House 2020 | You may have seen Anna Jacob’s very colourful house on Instagram. This is a picture is to share with you the beautiful over sized lampshade with the magnificent peacock on her staircase. It was very tricky to get a photo of because of the angle. The floral image has been stuck on the window which is a great idea for a privacy screen. I had a lovely chat with Anna and this is the only photo I took! Check out her Instagram feed to see her bold and bright interiors.
Karens Adventures In Colour For March Kings Cross Bird Cage White Karen Haller
Kings Cross London bird cage | I was heading to St Pancras station to take the train to visit my friend Diane and explore colourful Folkestone. In last month’s colourful adventure I showed you this bird cage lit up at night. Here’s it is during daylight – simply white. It shows you what a difference colour can make.
Karens Adventures In Colour For March Folkestone Leas Promenade Karen Haller
Folkestone | Leas Promenade is the directly on the coast in Folkestone . It was a lovely walk seeing the flower beds in glorious colour and a delicious meal at the Grand Hotel.
Karens Adventures In Colour For March Folkestone Purl Queens Yarn Bombing Karen Haller
Folkestone | I had just had my haircut (having spotted a £15 special offer for a trim and I thought why not) and it was then I saw this amazing sight. There is a creative group called the Purl Queens that has over 100 knitters. They are known for ‘yarn bombing’ the town centre with brightly coloured crochets.  This one is on Rendezvous Street above the Moda shop, and is believed to be the biggest yarn bombing of its kind in the country. It always pays to look up!
Karens Adventures In Colour For March Folkestone Kitty Mccalls Shop Karen Haller
Kitty McCall, Folkestone | Whilst I was down here I had arranged to meet up with Katherine McCall. Everyone including me automatically think her name is Kitty. It’s always lovely to meet someone in real life that you’ve met via social media. Her store is the one with the aqua green facade on the left side. I just loved how the entire street which is old high street is so colourful and full of independent specialty stores. A real joy to explore.
Karens Adventures In Colour For March Folkestone Kitty Mccall Artwork Karen Haller
Kitty McCall, Folkestone | | I absolutely love Kitty’s artwork and I knew I wanted buy something. It came down to deciding between these two prints which wasn’t easy. I ended up choosing the red vase with Kitty kindly signed the back of the print for me. I’m looking forward to getting this framed. I think I might paint it in the same red as the vase.
Karens Adventures In Colour For March Folkestone Wall Mural Karen Haller
Folkestone | There are a lot of wall murals in the town centre. This floral mural was my favourite. It’s difficult to get a sense of the scale, but to put it into perspective it was on the side of a double storey building – so it was big!
Karens Adventures In Colour For March Networking Lunch Abdesignandinteriors Karen Haller
Back in London I attended the most wonderful lunch hosted by Anna & Annie from AB Design and Interiors for a small group of interior and creative business women. The table was beautifully set and the food was absolutely delicious. I love meeting other creatives in a relaxed informal setting where you can learn about each other’s business and discuss ways to help and support each other.
Karens Adventures In Colour For March International Colour Day Karen Haller
21st March is International Colour Day! It’s not officially recognised but that doesn’t stop colour organisations and groups all over the world celebrating this day. Over on Instagram I ran a competition to post your happy colour and why it makes you happy. And the winner was @adriennpesti_design for her love of blue and in particular a hue called International Klein Blue. She’ll be receiving a signed copy of my book.
Karens Adventures In Colour For March Rainbow Pictures In Windows Karen Haller
Have you seen pictures of rainbows drawn by children in windows in your area? This started in Italy with the message “andra tutto benne” which translates to “everything will be alright”. In the UK you’ll often the drawing including the hashtag #spreadthecolour. I love how the rainbow is being used as a symbol of hope and to bring some joy during these unsettling and uncertain times.
Karens Adventures In Colour For March Orange Tulips Karen Haller
One way I’ve been bringing the colour in to lift my spirits is through flowers and plants. I picked these tulips as they have my two favourite colours – orange and yellow. They brought me much joy, greeting me with a cheery “hello” every time I saw them.
What ways are you finding to bring the colour in?

Let’s Stay in Touch

So that’s a colourful wrap for March. I do find myself thinking how surreal this all is and how fortunate we are to have technology to stay in touch with our friends and family around the world. I hope that you are safe and well. We’ll get through this. We’re going to be OK x.

Whilst it might feel like parts of our life has been put on hold, the wonderful thing is nature, the seasons isn’t cancelled. Here is the UK spring is blooming beautifully. The birds are singing. There is still beauty around us and I hope that there is colour in your life and it will help you to bring joy and happiness into your everyday life.

Thank you for joining me this month and I look forward to seeing you again for April’s colour filled issue where I share with you some ways I and others are bringing the colour in.

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Wishing you a colourful day!

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