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Hello my fellow colour lovers. What a colourful month it’s been. I love July as it’s my birthday month and what made it even more special was being sent the first copy of my book. So come with me as I take you through my colourful month for July…

The Little Book of Colour has landed!

It was the call I had been waiting for. The first copies of my book had arrived and Penguin had two waiting for me at their HQ on The Strand, London. All those months, the labour of love that went into creating my book and now it’s finally real. If you’re like me, I love the feel of a book and being able to turn the pages, and holding your own book, well that’s something super special.

Now it’s onto the marketing and publicity and the matter of a launch party to organise. I have the venue (which is perfect) and onto organising the evening and the putting together guest list (if you’re on my mailing list look out for the newsletter where you can enter the draw to get your very own invite). I really want launch party to be something special, a real colourful celebration which I’ll be sharing in my August colourful adventures!

The book is launching 29th August and you can pre-order your copy here.

The Little Book of Colour – first copy hot off the press!

Spring Bank’s True Colours

Earlier this year I received an inquiry about my colour courses from an artist who was looking to incorporate colour psychology into a project she was working on. That was lead artist Sharon Darley and along with Artlink Hull and the local residents they are creating something quite extraordinary to bring the Spring Bank community together through colour. When Sharon explained this initiative to me I was so inspired by what they was doing that by the end of the call I offered to help as I just knew I wanted to get involved in some way.

After many months of calls and discussions it was time to visit Hull to see the amazing work carried out to date and the unveiling of Spring Bank’s True Colours.

Sharon beautifully explains “Creating a unique palette of colours for Spring Bank has allowed us to break down barriers of engagement, and reach as wide a number of people as we can across the community. Colour is a ‘leveller’; it cuts through class, religion, age, gender, culture. Most people, no matter who they are, have an opinion on their favourite colours. Our palette is been built by the community for the community.” 

I’m so excited for this project. I can’t wait to see the first buildings painted. I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Artlink HULL | Spring Bank True Colours Palette chosen by the local community. Paint kindly donated by Crown Paints who are based in Hull

HULL Pride | Whilst I was in HULL Pride had come to town, rainbows everywhere!

Colourful crossing

I was on my way to the Tate Modern on London’s Southbank and came across this colourful crossing which of course I just had to cross. From the little sticker I found on the pavement it was designed by Thierry Noir for London Design Festival 2017 #LDF17. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has crossed it several times to check it out! Even though it has faded I’m glad they kept it so we can keep on enjoying it. Here are some images when it was in its full glorious colour. Wouldn’t it be wonderful it every crossing was colourful!

Bankside | Thierry Noir for London Design Festival 2017

Tate Modern

For my birthday I had it all planned to head off to Kew Gardens to see the colourful Chihuly at Kew: Reflections on nature exhibition. After weeks of glorious sunshine (including the scorching 38c day) on my birthday it poured with rain. It certainly was a lovely present to Mother Earth as she definitely needed a drink. That meant making an indoor weather plan so my friend Natasha and I headed off to the Tate Modern, Southbank, London to see the very colourful Olafur Eliasson: In real life exhibition.

Tate Modern | Olafur Eliasson exhibition – Can you spot me busting some moves…
Tate Modern | It felt very surreal walking down the stairs into a glow of orange.

Tate Modern | Love how the bookstore encourages children to get involved with colour!

Tate Modern |The wall was orange (my favourite colour) and wonderfully tactile. Check it out next time you’re there.

Rainbow joy

When I see a rainbow, oh it fills me with such joy. It truly is one of nature’s colourful wonders. To think this wonder is created by the sun’s light passing through the drops of rain and when white light is bent (refracted) on entering a droplet of water, it separates into the different colours we know as a rainbow. If only there was a way to bring the joy of rainbows into our lives everyday…

Loving my new colourful rainbow socks! Bringing in a little bit of rainbow joy to my day!

So that’s a wrap for July. I can’t wait to see what August brings!

And if you would like to stay in touch with what I’m up to in our colourful world then join me over on Instagram.

Until then, wishing you a colourful day!

All photos mine.

Want to find out more…

Spring Bank at Artlink Hull

Thierry Noir’s Bankside crossing

Olafur Eliasson In real life exhibition which is on until 5 January 2020

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