Karen’s Adventures In Colour For August

Karens Adventures In Colour For August 2019 0 Karen Haller The Little Book Of Colour

Hello my fellow colour lovers. What a colourful month it’s been. This month I had the opportunity to visit friends in Dusseldorf, a wonderful immersive colour exhibition and of course celebrate in glorious full colour the launch of my book! So come with me as I take you through my colourful month for August…

Colourful Dusseldorf

Early August saw me spend 10 lovely days visiting friends in Dusseldorf. Janet works in colour management so there were lots of colourful conversations in amongst playing tourist and working. I’ve always wanted to go on a boat trip down the Rhine and I was very happy I got the opportunity also go for walks and cycle along it too – a tiny stretch mind you. the Rhine is over 1,000 km long! So a great mix of R&R, working and colourful chats.

Karens Adventures In Colour For August 2019 1 Karen Haller The Little Book Of Colour
Colourful Dusseldorf, Germany

Petersham Nurseries & Teahouse

This place has been on my London Bucket List. I mentioned it to my friend Karen and she surprised me with a belated birthday afternoon tea.

To get there we took a boat from St Margaret’s across to Ham (I think I’ve got that right…). I thought we were going to go down the Thames but no soon were we on the boat it just crossed over to the other side – literally a couple of minutes – that must be shortest boat trip ever! But what an Aladdin’s Cave, a treasure trove full of things you don’t need but just have to have! And the afternoon tea was just delicious. I’ll be back!

Karens Adventures In Colour For August 2019 2 Karen Haller The Little Book Of Colour
Petersham Nurseries & Teahouse | Colourful plants, home wares and delicious food

Colourful Chihuly at Kew Gardens

I had actually planned to go on the Sunday. It was pouring with rain so I worked instead so that I could take time out on Monday as the forecast was for sunshine. I arrived at the gate and you guessed it… the heavens opened up and down it came! So in between the showers I wandered around to marvel at Chihuly’s colourful work. What these pictures don’t capture is their sheer scale – they are enormous! And they are made of glass, even more impressive.

Karens Adventures In Colour For August 2019 3 Karen Haller The Little Book Of Colour
Kew Gardens | Colourful Chihuly exhibition

The Little Book of Colour Book Launch

Wrapping up August was my book launch party. I hope the photo collage captures the fun, excitement and joy of the evening. To be able to look around the room and see my UK life there in front of me – friends, colleagues, clients and colour lovers (including the lucky 5 winners who entered the draw to attend), many having travelled from all over the UK and abroad to celebrate with me was something very special.

I have to admit I’m a bit rubbish at stopping and celebrating. I’m a bit of a grafter so this night was to make up for 10+ years of hard grafting to bring colour psychology to the world. But when I do something I always go big and what an epic party it was!

The ever entertaining Marianne Shillingford (Creative Director Dulux) who did an ‘in conversation’ style talk with me had the audience and me in stitches laughing.

The wonderful book cover artist Roanna Wells who created a mini piece of artwork for each guest to take home and the book signing which was such a success that I ran out of books! Oh and the lovely bookmarks that everyone got to take home as well.

The amazing Minotti London for hosting the event in their beautiful showroom and all their help and support. The bubbles flowed, colourful canapes, colourful conversations and it was lovely to see everyone embracing the dress theme – Colourfully You. Oh what a night!

The Little Book Of Colour Launch Event Karen Haller
Book launch at Minotti London

So that’s a wrap for August. See you again for September.

And if you would like to stay in touch with what I’m up to in our colourful world then join me over on Instagram.

Until then, wishing you a colourful day!

All photos mine.

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