Karen’s Adventures In Colour For April

Karens Adventures In Colour For April Karen Haller

Hello colour lovers!

How are you doing in these strange times? April was the first full #stayathome month for us in the UK. I was meant to be in Switzerland this month but like many others we had to stay put. I’m so grateful we were able to go out for exercise and food shopping. What a luxury going for a walk and weekly shopping has become.

I love that mother nature doesn’t know what’s happening and she is thriving – spring is blossoming and blooming in all her magnificent colour!

So how has colour looked for you during these #stayathome times? Here are some ways that I brought the colour in. So come with me as I take you through my colourful month for April…

Lboc April 1
Every week when I go shopping I’m buying plants and flowers. No matter where I’ve lived in the world, I’ve always had a house full of plants and now I am finding I’m really crave life and the colour. And I couldn’t resist these colourful pots at my local supermarket.
Karens Adventures In Colour For April Yellow Daffodils Karen Haller
I just love daffodils. They are always so cheery and happy! Just looking at them puts a smile on my face!
Karens Adventures In Colour For April Dried Red Tulips Karen Haller 1
Why am I showing you flowers that are past their best? Even though they are on their last legs, there is still beauty in their colour. I loved how these orange tulips turned a beautiful shade of red.
Karens Adventures In Colour For April Easter Eggs Tulips Karen Haller
This year it was Easter at home. I saw lots of people doing virtual Easter egg hunts and hiding eggs around the house or in the garden. I bought myself these tulips as they combined my two favourite colours – orange and yellow – bringing me much joy.
Karens Adventures In Colour For April Orange Polka Dot Socks Karen Haller
Meet my happy socks!
Karens Adventures In Colour For April World Shower Curtain Karen Haller
On one of my weekly trips to the supermarket I spotted this shower curtain with a colourful map of the world. I might not be able to go travelling but that doesn’t have to stop me from dreaming!
Karens Adventures In Colour For April Rainbow In Window Karen Haller
I love seeing the rainbow images on my walks.
Karens Adventures In Colour For April My Colourful Desk Karen Haller
Here’s my colourful desk. The colours I want to have around me changes depending on how I’m feeling on any particular day. It’s amazing what we can find in drawers and cupboards.

Let’s Stay in Touch

So that’s a colourful wrap for April. Even having to stay at home it’s surprising how much colour there is. Colour that we might have tucked away in our cupboards that we can bring out. You may have noticed you’re wanting to have more of a certain colour in your life right now and there might be colours that don’t feel right. Trust that feeling as it’s important that we support and take care of ourselves during these uncertain times.

Thank you for joining me this month and I look forward to seeing you again for May’s colour filled issue where I share with you some more ways I’m are bringing the colour in.

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Wishing you a colourful day!

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