Bring in the colour this Easter

Bring In The Colour This Easter Karen Haller

Hello colour lovers!

I love Easter, not just for the long weekend which is lovely of course especially when the sun is shining, or for the delicious chocolate, it’s also a time for family and friends to come together. Connecting over festive meals, Easter egg hunts and no doubt there’ll be many with big smiles beaming out of chocolate smeared faces!

I also love how Easter is a feast of colourful joy, so here are a couple of ways you can bring the colour in this Easter with items you’re likely to already have at home.

Natural colour dyes for your eggs

Did you know you can get the most amazing colours from the vegetable peels and skins? Something that you might throw away can be used to naturally colour your eggs. Some vegetables you might have at home that you can give this a try are:

Purple cabbage turns blue on white egg and green on brown eggs

Red onion skins can turn a white egg either lavender or red egg

Yellow onion skins make white eggs orange and brown eggs a rusty red hue

Red beets (shredded) go pink on white eggs and maroon on brown eggs

Yellow turmeric (grounded) and your get yellow eggs

Red Zinger tea apparently turns white eggs lavender

This is a great way to have fun with colour. I find it absolutely fascinating that you can start with one colour, and through the dyeing process the colour can completely change! This is something the kids will absolutely love.

If this sounds like a colourful activity you’d like to try then check out How To Make Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs over on They have a step by step guide with some really helpful tips.

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs
Image credit: | Colourful eggs using natural dyes found in the kitchen.

Crafty colouring in

If colouring in is more your thing, something else you’re likely to have at home are kitchen towel rolls. Here’s another video showing a step by step how to create these trio of colourful Easter cuties.

Three Easter Baskets From Toilet Rolls
Image credit: Crafty Hands | Adorable trio of colour Easter cuties

I just love how there are so many ways we can be creative with every day things we already have in our homes. I’m sure if you did a search on the internet you’ll find dozens more.

As I’ve been writing this it’s been a joy to have the birds tweeting outside and seeing my many colourful blubs blooming. Here’s to finding joy in the small simple pleasures of the every day.

Wishing you a colour filled Easter!

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Originally published 10th April 2020, updated 1st April 2023

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