5 of my favourite colourful Instagram feeds

5 Of My Favourite Colourful Instagram Feeds

Hello colour lover!

I thought I’d share my favourite colourful Instagram feeds with you. Then I realised it was a near impossible task as there are so many I love. So I decided to share five of my favourites now and then share more in the months to come. The five I’ve chosen are quite varied from interiors, art and under the sea, but they all have something in common – they are wonderfully colourful. Enjoy!

Michelle Ogundehin – Colour Curation

Michelle Ogundehin Instagram Karen Haller

Michelle Ogundehin is a writer, consultant, presenter, ex-editor of Elle Decoration, BBC Interior Design Masters judge and author of Happy Inside.

I just love her stunning grading of colour. I remember speaking to Michelle about this when we met last year and she described sourcing and grading the colours as a labour of love. Having done this for my own Instagram feed, I know it’s a rabbit hole you can easily spend hours being blissfully lost in.

You can check out Michelle’s stunning feed over at @michelleogundehin.

Martha Roberts – Colour Storyteller

Martha Roberts Colour File Instagram Karen Haller

Martha Robert’s Instagram feed is full of the most wonderful stories of her life and colourful finds which she describes vividly and often deeply personal. Being a gifted colourful storyteller comes naturally given she’s a self confessed colour addict and an award-winning journalist. Martha is also the author of Shelfie.

You can check out Martha’s colourful stories over at @the_colour_file.

And you can also read Martha’s interview over on The Colour Couch.

Michelle Costello – Colourful Beachcomber

Smartie Lids On The Beach Instagram Karen Haller

I love that Michelle creates artwork from the bits of colourful plastic she finds on the UK’s Cornish Beaches UK.

I can’t understand why there are people who think it’s OK to litter our beautiful planet, but unfortunately they do. So Michelle is doing her bit by collecting the plastic and turning them into colourful works of art.

And what makes this extra special is she makes a donation to the Marine Conservation Society for each item she sells.

You can check out Michelle’s colourful art pieces over at @smartie_lids_on_the_beach.

PeteCromer Australian Artist

Pete Cromer Instagram Karen Haller

I fell in love with Pete Cromer’s colourful artwork when I was back in Australia visiting family last Christmas. I was instantly drawn to how colourful his work was.

I don’t have any of his artwork, yet, but when I saw Maxwell & Williams had commissioned him to do the artwork for a dinnerset range, I bought just about every ceramic coaster featuring my beloved Australian birds, koalas and kangaroos. It’s like having a bit of colourful Australia with me in London. Given my suitcase was already full, they were the only things that would fit! I’m going to make sure I have room for plates next trip!

You can check out Pete’s colourful critters over at @PeteCromer.

Diver Happy Life – Colour under the waves

Diver Happy Life Instagram Karen Haller

As someone who loves diving and given I’ve not had the opportunity to do this for many years, this for me is the next best thing to being there. You see the most colour in the first 10 metres and wow what a colourful world it is. My favourites are the nudibranchs. Seeing them is like having a front row seats to the most colourful fashion show.

You too can dive under the waves to see this incredible colourful world over at @diverhappylife.

I hope you enjoy this colourful collection. Was there one you particularly loved? If you have a favourite colourful Instagram account I would love to hear from you. Just drop me a comment below with the Instagram handle so I can check it out.

And you can also find me over on Instagram sharing colourful insights, stories and inspiration.

Wishing you a colourful day!

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Michelle Costello – @smartie_lids_on_the_beach
Pete Cromer – @PeteCromer
Dive Happy Life – @diverhappylife

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